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“Contractor’s willingness to cooperate and seek resolutions that were beneficial to the Government and occupants. Renovation was accomplished with above satisfactory results. Contractor initiated beneficial changes and cost savings ideas.”

- Christina M. Mokrane, Contracting Officer | Yuma Proving Ground, Yuma, Arizona


“Warranty response was quick and hassle free. Rated at Exceptional.”

– Reginald Willoughby, COR | Yuma Proving Ground, Yuma, Arizona


“The construction work performed on this effort was very good, and was in compliance with contract requirements. The Contractor took all safety precautions in the performance of the work under the contract in order to complete the effort an obtain a certificate of occupancy.”

– Matthew Carpenter, Contracting Officer | Los Alamos National Laboratories, Los Alamos, New Mexico.


“IDEALS was very responsive to needs of providing quick resolution to all modifications as well as contract requirements in a major renovation to a Rocket Vehicle Assembly Building which required daily communication and coordination with building occupants. Cleaned up work areas at end of each day. No major delays, outages, or discrepancies. Quality of work was above average. I would recommend this contractor for future work here at NASA or on any other facility.”

– Thomas Wilson, COR/NASA/LC-36 | White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.


“[IDEALS] was very professional and competent in providing construction services to MCAS Yuma. Spearheaded all challenges with a great attitude and solve them in a timely manner with minimum supervision. Understood the Dispatch Centers goal and employed good teamwork techniques to achieve them. Very attentive and focus on meeting all construction deadlines and completing project a month ahead of schedule. Developed innovative ways to accomplish the projects construction deadline.”

– Ernesto D. Cariño, ENS, CEC, USN/MCAS Yuma I&L/Station Facilities Engineer


"I have enjoyed a great working relation with Mrs. Dubbin over the past five years on several government projects. We attribute our success on those projects largely to our ability to work together as a team and remaining focused on critical tasks. She also holds a high regard for customer satisfaction as do we, and customer satisfaction is essential for repeat business. We work well together because we share the same core values and that is a quality that creates a great working relation with all parties concerned."

– Ricardo Araiza, President | R-Con Construction


“All of the projects that Ms. Dubbin has been involved with at Holloman have been very successful and the owner has been extremely pleased with the final product. Ms. Dubbin has maintained a strong ethical foundation.“

– Randall L. Rabon, Co-owner | Mesa Verde Enterprises


“I have worked with Ideals Inc. on numerous WSMR contracts ranging from construction of Sewage Lagoons to Tank Trails repair. The professionalism and expertise of Ideals was instrumental in accomplishing these projects on time and to our wants and needs. Above all else Ideals Inc’s focus is the customer which made it a real pleasure to work with them.“

- Orlando Hernandez Contract Specialist Mission and Installation Contracting Command | WSMR