Facility Addition for US Air Force

IDEALS, Inc. was enlisted by the US Air Force to provide design-build services for a new addition at the Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, New Mexico.
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Military Housing Renovation

IDEALS, inc. completed this $2.8M renovation at Yuma Proving Grounds for the U.S. Army by upgrading existing living spaces and installing extensive energy conservation measures.
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Prather Waterline | HAFB

This utility infrastructure construction project involved the replacement of approximately 21,000 linear feet (LF) of existing 16” diameter concrete cylinder with a new 16” C905 PVC pipe.
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Sabre Road experiences a high volume of traffic and had experienced normal to above average deterioration in many areas due to heavy truck traffic and drainage issues. IDEALS was contracted to perform Design services to rebuild the roadway and correct drainage issues while maintaining access to facilities along Sabre Road.

IDEALS in-house design team worked closely with HAFB personnel from the conceptual stage to final acceptance to ensure the goals were mt with minimal cost and disturbance to operations. The project design included producing construction plans, traffic control plans and specifications at 35%, 65%, 95% and 100% completion to be reviewed by HAFB and the contractor prior to construction of the $1.4M Project.

Demolition and reconstruction of the existing roadway was required to while maintaining access to critical areas along Sabre Road. A phased construction schedule was implemented to reduce impact on traffic flow and access along with good project planning and coordination with the construction contractor has produced a high quality and long lasting surface for Sabre Road.