Facility Addition for US Air Force

IDEALS, Inc. was enlisted by the US Air Force to provide design-build services for a new addition at the Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, New Mexico.
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Military Housing Renovation

IDEALS, inc. completed this $2.8M renovation at Yuma Proving Grounds for the U.S. Army by upgrading existing living spaces and installing extensive energy conservation measures.
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Prather Waterline | HAFB

This utility infrastructure construction project involved the replacement of approximately 21,000 linear feet (LF) of existing 16” diameter concrete cylinder with a new 16” C905 PVC pipe.
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This project involved the addition of a pre-engineered building to the sheet metal shop, building 883, located at Holloman Air Force Base.  This design-build project added a new clean layout/cure room, break room, restrooms, office space to accommodate workstation personnel, a convenient covered building entry and reconfigured sidewalk access comprising approximately 2000 gross square feet.  The construction of Building 883 increased and reconfigured the existing work area into a useful and more productive space, already serving as a structural repair shop for the Unmanned Aerial System, (UAS) program at Holloman Air Force Base.

One of the requirements of this building addition was to accommodate aircraft structures up to 2'-0" wide and a maximum of 33'-0" long and moving them in straight lines from one part of the existing building to the new layout/cure room, via a rolling trailer.  This eliminated moving the large structures around turns, which requires more space, and as a result, reduced the necessary space for the final building design.  Also, the Layout/Cure room required sufficient seals to maintain specified HVAC performance with humidity and temperature controls to maintain a low level of particulate infiltration throughout the entire Layout/Cure room.

To ensure proper site drainage, a site survey was completed in consideration of existing site conditions and drainage around the building addition consistent with base standards.  Preserving the surrounding terrain and providing drainage away from the building addition was a design priority.

One of the goals of this project was to provide a convenient and work efficient design that met the clients needs and is safety compliant.  We were able to deliver an effective design using these design requirements through coordination with the design and project reviewers.  Another project requirement was to work within a predetermined budget and that all work was finished on schedule.  This project required a set of civil, structural, mechanical and electrical construction plans and project specifications for all items of work in addition to direct coordination with the construction company to ensure a complete and successful completion of the project.