Facility Addition for US Air Force

IDEALS, Inc. was enlisted by the US Air Force to provide design-build services for a new addition at the Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, New Mexico.
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Military Housing Renovation

IDEALS, inc. completed this $2.8M renovation at Yuma Proving Grounds for the U.S. Army by upgrading existing living spaces and installing extensive energy conservation measures.
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Prather Waterline | HAFB

This utility infrastructure construction project involved the replacement of approximately 21,000 linear feet (LF) of existing 16” diameter concrete cylinder with a new 16” C905 PVC pipe.
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This project involved the repair of the parking areas and addition of force protection and anti-ram barriers in front of the main headquarters, buildings 1504, 1506, 1510 and 1512 at White Sand Missile Range.  This area is heavily utilized by military and civilian personnel working in and around the headquarters at White Sand Missile Range creating the need for the addition of passive force protection and anti-ram barriers in front of these buildings.

One of the most important design aspects of this project was to provide force protection barriers by constructing an anti-terrorism protection system. This system utilizes reinforced planters as anti-ram vehicle barriers, boulder clusters, anti-vehicular ditches with berms, including a minimum of an 82 foot standoff distance between the buildings and their associated parking areas.  These heavily reinforced structures protect the main headquarters area from acts of terrorism and at the same time, minimize the space needed to provide such protection.  A 12 foot access lane with cable reinforced crash berms were created to maintain efficient and safe access for fire apparatus in case of emergency.  Areas between the repaired parking lot and the existing pedestrian pathway in front of the buildings were landscaped to accommodate the new anti-terrorism structures and create a natural appearance.

In addition to creating a secure, effective and protective barrier from terrorism, it was equally important to make this protection present a pleasant and attractive appearance to potential visitors, while maintaining the latest architectural standards.  Another important goal of this project was to provide a logical and efficient parking layout, which conforms to UFAS and ADA standards, maximizing vehicle parking, vehicle access and pedestrian access to the adjacent buildings.  The design improved existing entrances to allow for light industrial traffic flow and minimized the demolition of existing curb and gutter, while re-using existing structures as much as possible.

Removal of the existing parking surface involved the cold-milling and re-use the existing surface material in the sub-base of the new parking area. All parking spaces were redesignated as 90 degree parking, widened and lengthened to improve pedestrian and vehicle accessibility.  As improvements to the parking areas were implemented, any existing drainage issues were addressed as needed during the course of the project.